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Website Design and Development

Designing an effective website is both an art and an investment. We create websites that stand out from the millions of people worldwide who surf the internet daily. The website will have a good user experience, meaning it has clearly written and relevant content, is easy to navigate, and is visually pleasing.

+ Multimedia Flash or Jquery Web Design
A multimedia website entirely constructed through animation and programming. It includes impressive transitions between its internal pages, animated accents, texts, and images.

+ Web Design / Web Interface Design
The process of preparing and selecting an effective way to present a product or service in electronic format. Web design is the presence and advertisement on the internet. A good design will capture and hold the attention of your website visitors. A good structure ensures access to all the information published on your site.

+ Content Management System
Designing various types of web applications that allow for specific data management, depending on the custom needs and budgets of users, produce output statistics and analysis, and facilitate project tracking, making it easier to monitor business processes.

+ Ecommerce / Shopping Cart
We offer comprehensive solutions that help build, manage, and market your range of services and products to individual end-consumers. Our team is experienced in web integration and can integrate the web solutions with any third-party payment tools, such as iPay88, 2checkout.com, PayPal, or others that meet your needs. We also offer a standard ecommerce/shopping cart package developed with the WordPress engine or with Shopify platform.

+ Website Management and Maintenance
GURL Studio ensures the proper functioning of all projects we develop. We offer technical support for dynamic websites and complex web applications.

Brand Identity & Print

We understand that your brand image is a critical part of your business. Your website, advertising, trade show booth graphics, brochures, and other collateral must do more than just look good. Your brand image must work hard for you, with words and graphics tailored to quickly convey your story to potential customers and have a positive impact on your bottom line and financial goals.

+ Logo Design
Designing a corporate emblem through a selection of themes, colors, and shapes. An original logo design distinguishes your unique qualities.

+ Brochure / Pamphlet / Leaflet / Flyers / Banner / Poster / Streamer Design
The design of brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, banners, posters, and streamers is the forefront of marketing efforts. Their purpose is to not only inform customers about your products or services, but also to highlight the fact that you offer better solutions than your competitors. Our approach to brochure design focuses on these concepts and is centered around your input.

+ Corporate Identity Design
A professional business card, letterhead, or envelope design is crucial in daily business communication. Although it may seem like a simple sheet of stationery with your company’s logo and contact information, a professional business card, letterhead, or envelope design is essential in building your company’s brand identity.