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Porsche Keropur

Agency: Swedbrand China
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Porsche China
Location: China

Eight Is Better Than One: The Porsche Keropur Case Study

The Challenge
Sports car owners want their rides performing at their very best, and a powerful fuel additive is exactly what they need. Unfortunately, many dealers still sell fuel additives in individual cans, making life more complicated for all drivers. They are hard to store and access when refueling and single cans also tend to release very unpleasant odors throughout the car.

Porsche came to us in search of a way for their customers to easily purchase eight bottles of Keropur in a single package.

They wanted premium packaging that combined portability with an appealing design, all this while also reducing unpleasant odors.

The Process
Our team started its creative process by studying traditional fuel packaging; acquiring inspiration from unique packaging solutions provided by other top quality companies.

Our goal was to develop a foldable, compact and easy-to-carry package that could effortlessly hold eight bottles of Keropur oil, while keeping the fuel smell contained.

We wanted the package design to convey the company’s rich automotive legacy, so we looked to classic Porsche racing posters for inspiration

The Result
The result of our efforts was a success. Our team created a practical, sturdy and eco-friendly package design made of corrugated carton.

It exhibits six different collectible designs reflecting Porsche’s racing history, with integrated QR codes for accessibility. This packaging makes Keropur portable while also eliminating the smell associated with it.

Now, drivers won’t need to worry about anything but the ride.

“Swedbrand really captured the spirit and essence of Porsche racing posters. Transforming the, often unknown, Keropur product into a memorable and collectible series of designs. This helped to increase interest and knowledge about the product.”Xiaojing Zhang, Porsche China, After Sales Marketing

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