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Brightwood – Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Agency: Ennis Perry Creative
Packaging Construction Design & Die-Line Development: Anne Mason
Illustration & Art Direction: Haydn Deane
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Brightwood Trading Co
Location: Australia
Packaging Contents: Beauty & Wellbeing
Packaging Materials: Paper

Brightwood is an Australian lifestyle and wellbeing brand with an extensive range of products inspired by the beauty of nature. Brightwood approached Ennis Perry Creative for our experience in packaging design for retail products and our ability to create innovative solutions. Brightwood required a new brand and packaging solutions for a new range of products “The Spa Range”.

The packaging solution needed to be flat packed, hold a range of products of various sizes and forms, and be able to be displayed in various formats, such as hang sell and shelf display.

The studio designed, tested and developed two main packaging solutions that provided the required product housing and protection. The design also provided the ability to see and feel the product without a compromise on security. The packaging solution flat packs for easy shipping and construction. With simple contraction methods and limited colour palette the packaging design is an innovative, cost-effective solution.

What's Unique?
The packaging design solution for Brightwood created by Ennis Perry Creative features a unique & innovating construction design allowing the product to be easily viewed whilst securely held within packaging. The solution flat-packs for ease of shipping & storage and functions as both a hang-sell and on-shelf display device. The solution has also been cost effective to produce thanks to the clever construction design and graphic application.

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