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Igara Royals Tea Packs (Concept)

Agency: Thr3aded
Project Type: Concept
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Materials: Paper

Igara Royals is a concept that embodies the redesign of the igara tea pack. The royal characters conveying the final consumer and the natives of kigezi at the same time showing the value of Igara tea grown by thousands of farmers and packed in a single pack (made for king).

The idea behind this concept is to tell a story about the thousands of farmers that plant and take care of the tea which is later processed and packed as one tea brand “igara Tea”

Lime Green: Represents the tea plantation and the freshness of the tea.

White domination: To stand out and differentiate it from other competitor packages on the shelf.

Dark green: Represents the content in the pack which is black tea.

Cyan green: represents purity of the igara tea brand.

The Geometric yet hand-drawn royal characters of the natives of kigezi serve as the point of interest on the package, telling a story about the humble origin of the igara tea growers.

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