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Flexcarrier (Concept)

Agency: p4ck
Project Type: Concept
Location: Wraysbury, UK
Packaging Contents: Drinks carrier
Packaging Materials: Poly-prop

This is the Flexicarrier. It is light-weighted and used to carry 1,2,3 or 4 pints/drinks at the same time perfectly balanced. Its 100% water proof, and completely stable (even for glass drinks). It has a safety escape function that rips apart if anything gets trapped within in making it 100% environmental friendly, it is also 100% recycle and compostable. . It is perfect for outdoor drinks in beers gardens or huge sport events. The flexicarrier enables you to carry 8 pints at once more than the usual 1-2, with an almost no spill rate.When bought in boxes and pallets it includes instructions and pricing lowers the more is ordered.

What's Unique?
It can be branded with any logos, one or double sided. Every time you carry the flexicarrier the logo is always showing upside which enhances branding opportunities. It uses a cmyk print. The flexicarrier is unique to the event industry as when it is thrown due to its light weight ability and material it can bot be thrown further than a metre – almost with a boomerang affect, making it safe for any big event.

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