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era (Student Project)

Agency: Roshni Deol
Project Type: Student Project
Location: London, UK
Packaging Contents: Handicrafts of Kutch, India (represented conceptually by Threads)
Packaging Materials: Colorplan paper 270 gsm (Color – Ebony)
School: London College of Communication (University of the Arts London)
Course: MA Graphic Branding and Identity

Research area – Handicrafts in India

Research question – How does time express itself in textiles?

The brand 'era' is born in the surreal austere lands of Kutch (Gujarat, India), from a land where the creativity of the mind blooms through the skillful fingers of its artisans.

Handmade textiles in Kutch are uniquely different in the sense that they are an outcome of very old historical cross cultural effects, regional creativity and requirements, social structure of the people, various religious segments, international and domestic market, effect and influence of various rulers of the regions and migration of people from other neighboring regions. The handmade textiles, having played a very important role in bringing Kutch art on the national and international platform and in the handicraft world, established visual identity of Kutch and its artisans.

The textile crafts that I have chosen – 'Patola art', 'Kutchi embroidery', 'Kutchi weaving' – are age old traditions dating back to hundreds of years. These traditions have been passed down through generations as a part of heritage. The artisans use traditional hand based techniques, processes, knowledge and skills that are unique to the specific communities and make products with the use of natural fibers and natural dyes. These crafts are so intricate and complicated to make, that it can even take months to make a single product.

Through this brand you are not just buying a product but buying the soul and life experience of the artisan. You are buying the heritage, the tradition, the lineage, and the tales dating back to hundreds of years.

The brand is not just about textiles, it’s about time as well. It takes months to make just one product. The brand idea is to give the customers an experience of time. The brand is a celebration of the journey, as the journey and the process of making the product is more precious and fascinating than the product itself.

The aim of the brand is to engage the audience with something practical to make them experience the value of time, the invaluable moments of shear concentration and creativity, and the slowness of the process of making the crafts. For this, I used the concept of 'multilayer packaging' with information about the crafts on different layers. So, you discover the product as you open it and while you open it, you can read the info and it takes even longer to get to the product inside.

The concept of patchwork and collage is used throughout the packaging. The patchwork gives the feeling of craft and makes the layout look less methodical and more interesting.

What's Unique?
The concept of multilayer packaging which engages the audience and makes them experience the value of time and the slowness of the process.

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