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Fine Chocolate Box

Designer: Marta Veludo
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Fine Flavour Chocolate
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Packaging Content: Chocolate
Packaging Material: Cardboard

Fine Flavour Chocolate is brand that contributes to a better chocolate consumption, changing the way people think about and consume chocolate and supports local cocoa farmers and bean-to-bar chocolate makers.

The Fine Chocolate Box is an exquisite product which you order online, and receive at your doorstep the best selection of chocolate makers as Marou, Original Beans, Pacari, Grenada, (etc) selected by Caroline Lubbers, chocolate connoisseur.

Marta Veludo designed the identity and packaging for Fine Flavour Chocolate and Fine Chocolate Box.

The package was thought to be able to send through post, but yet with an elegance and refinement that chocolate needs to be treated by, and you too!

The inside shows the exploration and translation of the identity through different tools as a tasting guide and a greeting card.

What's Unique?
The 500 package units were hand painted, so each box it becomes unique.

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