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Poet Baijiu Liquor (Student Project)

Designer: Felix Longyang Wang
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy of Art University
Course: MFA Thesis
Tutor: Phil Hamlett
Location: San Francisco, USA
Packaging Content: Liquor
Packaging Materials: Foil, Washi Paper

Poet chose the classical hand-made Baijiu brewing method with reasonable ingredient of 60% sorghum, 20% rice and 20% wheat. And this is also the essence of the most traditional brewing method in Sichuan, China. Poet choose the best raw materials for brewing in China and then bottled in the United States, all production and transportation processes are strictly comply with FDA and TTB standard execution to ensure the best taste and health security at the same time. Poet Baijiu flavor sweet and spicy, smell aromatic and taste mellow. Poet contents 40% alcohol, which is tailored specifically for the North American market; this is not only suitable for the straight, but also good choice to make Chinese style cocktail.

Poet Baijiu uses the frosted glass bottles as the packaging, and the black and white design of spirit label to reflect the elegant and unique of Poet Baijiu. The Logo uses the original Chinese calligraphy with English Baskerville serif font, looks very harmonious.

Poet 20 years is a collection of vintage Baijiu, suitable for elite business banquets, private clubs, collectors’ collection and the professional liquor tasting experts, is the best choice for the successful people. Poet 20 years will overthrow your understanding of spirits, and make your taste upper a level.

Poet 20 years’ packaging with the forested all black round glass bottle, embody the feeling of calm and elegant. The spirit label’s logo and year using the red foil stamping process, highlights the differences of the vintage collection level of spirit. In addition, this spirit package also includes exalted box, more highlights the unique and collection value of this spirit.

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