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Be Brave (Student Project)

Designer: Lubna Omar
Project Type: Student Project
School: German University in Cairo
Course: Emotional Design
Tutor: Miroslaw Leczek
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Packaging Content: Chocolate

For my Emotional Design course, we had to initially research the origins of emotions in order to trigger our chosen emotion through chocolate. I chose the emotion of 'pain', after intensive research and reading about neuroscience.

The result is: "Be Brave" – a chocolate intended to trigger pain. Everything – from the chocolate itself to the packaging and design – is made by me (Lubna Omar). The packaging is made of translucent tracing paper, which is stitched closed with brown thread. The paper hints the chocolate inside it but doesn't reveal exactly what it looks like; just like how the chocolate itself looks attractive but you cannot know for sure what it contains without trying it. Each package is uniquely made by hand, including the chocolate inside it. Whoever chooses to consume the chocolate will be in for a painful surprise.

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