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Unilever Carte D’Or Gelato

Agency: Mildberry
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Unilever
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Content: Ice cream
Packaging Material: Paper

Gelato is a true Italian dessert, characterised by freshness of ingredients, impressively rich taste and creamy texture. Gelato, as a real masterpiece, is created by Gelatiere – an artisan possessing skills, vision and recipes, making each gelato unrepeatable with its own unique taste.

Sophisticated and premium image of both gelato and gelato-making had to be communicated in the package design of Gelato special line of Carte D’Or brand. Expertise, creativity, quality and, no doubts, astonishing taste were realised in the laconic yet dramatic composition, premium colour palette, expressive food-zone and in active, emotional fonts.

A special gastro-party in honour of Carte D’Or Gelato launch in Russia gathered its guests on the 24th of March, in Casta Diva restaurant of Moscow. This bright event was widely reported by a large number of gastronomical magazines, blogs and websites.

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