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Tilt Bistro (Concept)

Designers: Alex Moyers, Timmy Paker, Tyler Kruger
Project Type: Concept
Location: Hays, KS
Packaging Contents: Bar-b-q sauce, meat rub, smoking chips
Packaging Materials: Various containers, paper, ink, adhesive, clay

After moving to San Francisco during the gold rush, Tom Edwards began cooking traditional bar-b-q out of necessity. His recipes lead him to create and run Tilt Bistro, after his dreams of striking it rich off of gold were less than lucrative.

Years later, the traditional cooking methods are still being used at Tilt Bistro. Their mission is to create fresh, organic bar-b-q for a more substantial appetite.

What's Unique?
The hand molded clay around the bottles add a memorable experience with this line of bar-b-q accessories, while also creating an item worth keeping — rather than throwing away.

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