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Siibil Chocolate (Student Project)

Designer: Jessica Rauch
Project Type: Student Project
School: Fort Hays State University
Tutor: Professor Chaiwat
Location: Hays, KS, USA
Packaging Contents: 3 Chocolate Bars
Packaging Material: Paper

The Mayans believed that the cacao beans was the God's food, and that the God's gave the cacao beans to them as a gift. This became the base for which my concept. My design involves featuring different Mayan Gods on the front of the chocolate.

To create the Gods, I drew them based on the statues of the gods and added my own twist to incorporate the flavor of the chocolate. On the back of the chocolate I featured an excerpt explaining the name of the God on the front and what he/she was the God of (in this case I only created male God's). I also explain the basis behind my chocolate. The name, Siibil, is Mayan for gift which I felt fit my concept as a whole.

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