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Perro Libre 803 Black Rye IPA

Agency: Abio Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Perro Libre
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Printing technique: Serigraph
Packaging Content: Beer
Packaging Materials: Paper

Perro Libre, a southern Brazilian brewery, released a new beer on March 8th. The 803 refers to the International Women´s Day, but don´t get us wrong, it´s not a woman´s beer, but a beer that brings the discussion if a women-specific beer makes sense or just reflect a kind of prejudice. No gender, sexual orientation or race segregation. It´s all about great beer and whatever tastes good. No judge. No stereotypes. Jus beer. The 803 bottle project brings a serigraph printed material, on both sides, that represents fight for your rights and protests posters and tattoo style elements related to different female figures and some feminists symbols. "How is a women-specific beer? No Prejudice. No Label. No Dog Collar."

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