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Hony Bran & Kraker Bran Redesign

Agency: Aldas Brand
Designer: Mauro Mendoza
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Nabisco
Location: Colombia
Packaging Content: Cookies

Belvita is brand crackers Kraft Foods, which offers delicious flavors and natural ingredients with a broad portfolio.

The marks had different packages for the region of Central and South American region what made that there was a union of a stronger brand recognition for the whole area. As there was confusion and perceived as if they were Belvita biscuits and not as different brands but are part of the umbrella brand (Belvita) which also hindered its position.

The most important features such as colors, fonts and photo management as well as brand packaging as Central America and South America were analyzed.

From there he began to analyze what elements we could work for the two regions without falling into disruptions

Once we had these elements defined with a previous analysis of the category began making the whole process of modernization of brand and packaging, making a much more striking, modern and stronger at the point nacelle design.

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