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Entity Wine (Student Project)

Designer: Colin Baker
Project Type: Student Project
School: Fort Hays State University
Location: Hays, KS, United States
Components: Wine bottle labels, sound wave recordings, and an app design.

Entity wine has its own existence and being no matter the emerging occasion. Entity provides an experience not only to make the consumer's life easier, but also utilizes the sound wave element as interaction to establish a pleasant encounter with the bottle.

Each bottle is customized with a sound wave to ensure the customer can send any message without having to speak a word. Wanting the label to be more than just a label, I personally recorded my voice to make sound waves that match accordingly to specific events. Don't give away a gift; share an experience!

As you drink the bottle of wine, the level of the liquid descends giving a visual of the liquid playing through the sound wave.

The app would be used for people to create their own sound waves and have the ability customize their bottle. Each bottle will have a code printed on the label of the bottle and the consumer could open the app, type the code in, and listen to the recording on the bottle.

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