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Secret Sip Whisky (Student Project)

Designer: Kasperi Salovaara
Project Type: Student Project
Award: Starpack 2015 Bronze
Packaging content: Whisky
Location: Lahti, Finland

The concept
The Hemingway's Secret Sip Whisky is a book-shaped whisky bottle which is finely crafted at the Hemingway Distillery. The Secret Sip Whisky brand is inspired by the famous author Ernest Hemingway with a nice and trendy touch.

Secret Sip Whisky is intended for adults who enjoy an occasional sip of finely distilled whisky. The bottle can be placed in a bookshelf if you want to keep it as a secret. Some relaxing time just for yourself.

The famous quote by Ernest Hemingway says it all: "There is no friend as loyal as a book." With a hint of sarcasm of course.

The design
Key aspect in my design: it needs to be simple, recognizable, innovative, trendy but still appreciating the original and authentic industry, logistically functional, some completely different with a touch of humor.

In the graphics I concentrated articulately on the brand and the story behind it. I wanted the graphics to be clear, simple, trendy and book-like.

The name and the quote ooze sarcasm supporting the brand perfectly. The binding in the bottle gives a great shelf impact and the labels support the book idea.

Functional Aspects
The reason for designing a rectangular shaped bottle is it's logistical efficiency. It fits for example in your bag better than a traditional cylinder shaped bottle. When bottles are stacked side-by-side there is no waste space. Logistical efficiency is clear when comparing this bottle to a normal 0.5 liter bottle.

EU standard pallet
When transported, bottles are packed to a standard EU pallet. When packed a normal cylindrical 0.5 liter bottle, the pallet holds 864 bottles.

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