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Rishi Sustainable Tea Containers (Student Project)

Designer: Matthew Tomoni
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy of Art University
Course: GR 322 Packaging Design 2
Tutor: Professor Valerie Taylor-Smith
Location: United States
Packaging Content: Tea
Packaging Materials: Recyclable cardboard, pine wood, paper

Tasked with creating a sustainable design for tea packaging, I designed and assembled a container made out of recyclable cardboard, paper and pine wood caps. I turned the caps on a wood lathe myself to a specific dimensions to ensure that the container is also airtight but still easily accessible. Furthermore, the package design contains a secondary label beneath the original one that the consumer can easily access by tearing down a perforated line. The label reveals a clean space to neatly record whatever the container is being used to store after the tea is all gone. This can be anything from flour to candy to old nails.

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