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Native Pet Food (Student Project)

Designer: Colin Baker
Project Type: Student Project
School: Fort Hays State University
Location: Hays, KS, USA
Packaging Content: Pet Food
Packaging Materials: Paper, Aluminium

Being a youngster growing up in small town Kansas I always wanted to grow up living on a farm. That dream never prevailed, instead, I grew up rummaging the countryside and helping friends involved with farming. Being tied closely to the outdoors, I have always had a dog that holds a spot close to my heart.

The brand name Native, which means coming from its origin of growth, was developed by the concept of farm fresh ingredients going from the farm, their origin of growth, straight into the dog food products. Native uses all-natural, farm fresh ingredient to produce a healthy and hearty product that one would feed to any of his or her best friends!

Project components: Logo design, illustrations, packaging for dry dog food, dry puppy food, dental sticks, gravy topper, vitamin powder, and two flavors of canned food.

The illustrations were created using high-quality images of ingredients that are in each dog food product. The pieced apart illustration style was to portray the rations of each ingredient that's put into the products.

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