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Köstlich Frozen Fruits (Student Project)

Designer: Micayla Hadley
Project Type: Student Project
School: Minnesota State University, Mankato
Course: Graphic Design III
Tutor: Matthew Willemsen
Location: Mankato, MN, United States
Packaging Contents: Frozen Fruits
Packaging Material: Plastic

For this project I chose to name, brand and design the packaging and advertisements for a frozen fruit company. These fruits are grown in Germany where some of the juiciest of fruits can be found. I decided on the name Köstlich, which means delectable in German, because I thought it reflected the level of quality I was going for. I wanted the packaging and letter mark to have a clean and sleek look that was bright and vibrant without being too overpowering. Each different flavor variety can be identified by the coloring of the watercolors that dance across the packages.

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