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Pozy (Student Project)

Designer: Kayla Bartlett
Project Type: Student Project
School: Fort Hays State University
Location: Hays, Kansas, USA
Packaging Contents: Paper pulp bedding, chinchilla dust bath, all natural cage cleaner, dried fruit, dried root veggies, whole grain pellets, and alfalfa and timothy hay blend.
Packaging Materials: Canvas, Wood, Paper

Chinchillas, rabbits, and guinea pigs are picky eaters with unique tastes, but everything currently available on the market comes premixed in wasteful plastic bags. Pozy provides a fun, environmentally conscious, completely customizable diet and all natural care line for your little friend. Additionally, all the packaging is made for your pet, so it's safe to play with and chew on. Made entirely out of natural, pet safe materials, you no longer worry about using harmful plastic or harsh chemical cleaners in the cage. Since all the packaging is biodegradable, simply recycle or compost when finished.

What's Unique?
Pozy is made for the pet, rather than the owner, is made out of recyclable materials, and has a completely customizable packaging system.

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