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Madhava Honey Rebrand (Student Project)

Designer: Chloe Payne
Project Type: Student Project
School: University Wisconsin Stout
Course: Graphic Design II
Tutor: Nagesh Shinde
Location: Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA
Packaging Content: Honey
Packaging Materials: Glass, Wood, Vinyl

Honey is sweet, rich, and sticky. Many people use honey either in their tea, used for baking, or just to make something naturally sweet. Ambrosia Honey is one of Madhavas Raw Honey products. Madhava is a Colorado based company that makes many other honey/sweetener products. Madhava comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “Pure.”

I took my love for illustration and created a three part illustration story. Three different logos on the honey product, different illustrations, but still have the same name. Bears are animals that love honey. So I went with this idea to have the bear and a beehive in every logo design. I want this product to be appealing to any age group when consumers are buying it. The design will be very simple, but still have a story.

In terms of packaging I wanted a glass bottle to make it simple and clean with a wooden cap making it feel more organic and earthy. The logo/illustration is black matte vinyl to make the bear appear to be a black bear.

What's Unique?
The wooden caps are hand crafted with two different types of wood and all made by hand.

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