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Jawhara (Student Project)

Designer: Lubna Omar
Project Type: Student Project
School: German University in Cairo
Course: Semantics
Tutor: Miroslaw Leczek
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Packaging Content: Diamond Ring
Packaging Materials: Paper, faux suede

This project was originally made for my Semantics class; where I had to create a container. After plenty of trials and testing out origami boxes, my professor helped me develop this diamond-shaped box. 'Jawhara' is Saudi for 'precious stone' or 'jewel', and it perfectly demonstrates both the box's shape and what will be placed inside it.

Jawhara is a premium ring box delicately made for classy young women. It'll keep their dearest ring safe and close to them. Just as they're constantly jet-setting and attending the most top-notch events; Jawhara will protect their favorite ring and offer it to them anytime, anywhere. The base measures 7.5 x 7.5 cm, while the cover measures 5 cm x 5 cm.

What's Unique?
The cover of the box looks different from every single side and no two faces are exactly the same. You might think it looks a certain way altogether but once you turn the box around you find different 'diamond' shapes. The pattern of the outer cover also creates somewhat of an illusion, with the folded pattern reflecting light in all directions and boasting an interesting texture.

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