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BALBAL (Concept)

Country: Belarus
Project Type: Concept

The first shaman on Earth named Dayan Degereki was so powerful, he could conquer even Death. He fell in love with a daughter of Genghis-Khan himself and spirited her right away from her wedding with a man she did not love. When Genghis-Khan's best riders gained the runagates at the bank of the Khövsgöl, a stunningly beautiful Altai lake, Dayan Degereki turned his beloved and himself into stone statues, balbals. When Genghis Khan was desperate to return his dear daughter, the stones turned back into humans, and Genghis Khan appointed Dayan Degereki his key advisor. The Great Shaman, as he was titled, prepared a drink that became the secret to Genghis Khan's might, tenacity and incredible power. This liquor of tough men, arkhi, is made of milk, ginseng, mountain honey and Altai herbs.

The true luxury lies in using the might of the authentic natural powers and ancient traditions. Balbal. The power of the ancestors.

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