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Ambrose & Harper (Student Project)

Designer: Aaron-Harper Lee
Photography: Kamin Jaroensuk
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy of Art University
Course: Packaging II
Tutor: Tom McNulty
Location: Palo Alto, USA
Packaging Contents: Powder Paint, Tools, Apron, Tool Roll, Paint Box
Packaging Materials: Reclaimed Wood, Recycled Canvas, Scrap Leather

The objective for this packaging project was to design a sustainable paint product without the use of conventional paint cans.

With the niche market of craftsmen in mind, I branded a line of sustainable paint motivated by principles of legacy and tradition. The craft of painting is resurrected as an artistic ritual and mindful practice. Starting with compressed blocks of eco-friendly paint powder, the compact package includes all materials and tools needed to hand-mix your own paint, and create the perfect tint in small batches – just add water. With Ambrose & Harper, the preparation of the paint becomes very much a part of the process as the painting itself.

My grandfather Ambrose is the source of my inspiration as a designer and for this product—his presence in my life as an artisan, teacher and beloved community member has strongly influenced what I value in this world. Each handcrafted component of this product is made from reclaimed wood, fabric or leather, staying true to the principle of tradition—passing heirlooms from one generation to the next.

What's Unique?
Everything organic from the apron to the wooden box and the leather bag were handmade specifically for this project. Other items were repurposed as well.

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