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Ak Rose Wine Label

Designer: the Labelmaker
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Alex Kanev
Location: Bulgaria

Ak Rose Wine Label – design of the unexpected

AK Rose wine label is probably one of the few rose wines with such non-traditional packaging.

First there is no white bottle – this time we used dead leaf coloured glass what most of the wineries prefer for red wines or whites in some cases. Putting rose wine in dark Burgundy bottle is an indication about its exclusivity. On the other hand the Labelmaker decided to use copper hot-foil decal printed directly on the bottle instead of classic wine label, paper, inks etc. – eliminating it was another even stronger indication about how special this wine was. In fact there is only one thing on this bottle – the AK monogram featuring the ‘A’ and ‘K’ letters coming from the name of one of the most prolific and renowned oenologists in Bulgaria, Alex Kanev. His personal monogram has been fully hand lettered on Wacom Cintiq digital tablet in the tradition of classic Copperplate Calligraphy featuring lots of ornaments, swashes, swirls and constant elegant play between thick and hairline thin strokes. This monogram is also a symbol of integrity and harmony between winemaker’s personality and wine itself.

At the top of the bottle you will find a contrast cross-hatched capsule in black and copper colours.
As a conclusion, AK Rose is one of those wine labels that come once in a life time – it’s been a real challenge and privilege for the Labelmaker to do this design.

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