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Pleine Bouche (Student Project)

Designer: Jonathan Couture-Roussy
Project Type: Student Project
School: Cégep de Sherbrooke
Course: Packaging
Tutor: Josée Morais
Location: Sherbrooke, Canada
Packaging Content: Cereals
Packaging Materials: Paper, plastic

These are on-the-go cereal boxes. You can eat cereal at work, on the ride to school or even keep a box in your bag as a snack. I personally hate breakfast on weekdays so I tried to make it simpler and funnier for people like me who prefer to sleep longer and have a quick breakfast.

You can open the doors in the middle of the box and pour milk inside (a plastic lining keeps the box from leaking). The name of the product, Pleine Bouche (which means ''mouthful'' in French), is directly related to the concept. You can have a mouthful of cereal from a box that contains a mouthful of cereal. Each box is branded with the logo, but each design is different. There is normal cereal with the normal human mouth; the werewolf mouth for active lifestyles (more protein and nutrients for people who are very active and want to perform, kind of like Kellogs' Vector); and then there's the Frankenstein box that has funny shaped marshmallows inside (kind of like Lucky Charms). Bon appétit!

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