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Crew Mineral Water (Student Project)

Designer: Hanna Petersson
Photographers: Stina Baaz & Andreas Grönlund
Copywriters: Caroline Sinclair, Robert Bagge & Cecilia Bassman
Project Type: Student Project
School: Berghs School of Communication
Course: Design 1
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Packaging Contents: Mineral water
Packaging Materials: Aluminium, acrylic paint, spray paint

Goal: To rebrand mineral water as a product for a specific audience. The project consisted of: analysing the market, finding a target group, create a mood board, find a way to produce your packaging design as a real physical object, create your design, photograph it, make a brand book, a label, a website, a chart of guidelines.

The product is a hand crafted metal can for mineral water. Made out of a half litre can; polished, spray painted and with a hand made embossing effect. The embossing effect is made with acrylic paint applied to the can by hand to give a rough and uneven impression. When the paint has dried, I sprayed over it with metallic spray paint to make it all seem as if part of the same metal. This is a dummy to be produced with real metal embossing if made for the market.

What's Unique?
Mineral water is pure, a refreshing source of energy for those on the road, experiencing life. Of course mineral water is not just a fruity and colourful product – but also a way to cool you down during a warm day. This half litre metal can embossed with the CREW logo is the perfect companion on a journey through the day.

Can you feel it? Leather comfortably grasps your skin as you are shifting gears, accelerating faster to roads unseen. Can you hear it? The soothing sound of engine running warm guarantees you that this is where you belong. Can you taste it? Nothing is greater than the taste of water after being on the road, roaring down every highway. This while having the company and the essence of a can with cold carbonated water. Get to know the water that quenches your thirst when you need it the most.

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