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Austmann Brewery

Agency: Tibe T Reklamebyrå
Creative Director: Harld Øren
Project Manager: Hanne Marit Henriksen
Designer: Ståle Gerhardsen
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Austmann Brewey
Location: Trondheim, Norway
Packaging Content: Beer
Packaging Material: Paper

Austmann is a craft brewery located in Trondheim, Norway. Austmann brew solid, quality beers in open fermentation tanks.

From the 900s and onwards, Austmenn (east men) set sail from the Norwegian coast in open boats across uncharted waters. They dared. They chased a burning curiosity to know what lay beyond the horizon. As they sailed west they settled the Western Isles and eventually made their way to the North American continent. These austmenn were traders, adventurers, skilled craftsmen and pioneers.

As austmenn before, Austmann Brewery create a true handcrafted product – in the constant pursuit of satisfying our curiosity.

We designed a daring, fun, color popping, and bold label and visual identity that suited the austmenn. Handcrafted beer deserves handcrafted typography. so we made them a font.

The beer lable also needed to be bold and fun. So we made a die cut that looket like waves and a mountain in the horizon. And by using bold and strong colours the labels stands out in the stores. The three most selling beers, got their own colored beer cap. And to stand out in the bars we made the most awesome tap handle.

What's Unique?
The die cut is unique and with the custom designed font and the colors popping out like break dance guru, these labels stands out in the stores.

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