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Aiu – Spirit of the Forest

Agency: Be!Five Branding & Identity
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Aiu Group
Location: Russia
Packaging Content: Pine nuts
Packaging Materials: Paper & Vacuum Plastic

We harvest our pine nuts by hand and protect them from light, oxidation and outside damages, in order to preserve their natural ingredients and health benefits. After harvesting, we manually shell pine nuts according to the old Siberian traditions. Then, we carefully separate kernels from their shells and immediately put kernels in vacuum packages. The AIU package is crafted in such a way that it protects cedar nuts from light and damages. Our package has two layers: the inner box containing a vacuum package with nut kernels, and the outer shell protecting pine nuts from light and outside damages.

What's Unique?
We are one of the few companies in the world that packs pine nuts in vacuum packaging and cardboard. Perhaps the only one.
We use transformer pack. We carefully keep the pine nuts from the harmful effect of direct sunlight and give you the opportunity to see our product.

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