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Designer: Chen Jun Wei
Project Type: Student Project
School: Tung Fang Design Institute
Location: Tainan,Taiwan
Packaging Content: Rice
Packaging Materials: Straw, Wood

Lon is a story about the land in Taiwan. When people forget the story of the land, the section of past will be disappeared. This project presents the section of past story through creative packaging design to make people have a better understanding of what have been forgotten or ever happened in this land.

From commodity to design point, the team integration all the policies, planning the " Earthen huller " brand packaging,to maximize the brand value.

To make packaging design more highlights the brand's unique style, when construction of the packaging,The team still thinking about how to give consumers the feelings of " Earthen huller " because " Earthen huller " is use the natural materials,Simple Makino、wood and red clay to make, and this material can get from the rural radius of thirty miles,Forming a circle.

So simple elements without damaging the environment,To form the the packaging basis, the team create a new image aesthetics through reorganization, by the material、color、culture to interpret.

On the packaging material, our team to reduce the use of paper material on planning, no glue way,Select the natural materials,the print is also used green ink, achieve sustainable development the packaging purposes.

Team targeting the beginning is trying to " Earthen huller " is extended to everyone to know it, because although in promotion by Non-profit organizations, but the effect is not good, and that, it just our motivation.

So we prevailed by cultural and creative packaging, earthen huller to come out of the grind rice do for media goods, the description about the Earthen huller inside the packaging, and design a single sale of packaging and gift packaging, reverse mode of operation, trying to get consumers to be able to understand it on their own initiative.

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