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La Constancia Redesign

Agency: BridgerConway
Presidents: Marcelo Bridger y Santiago Felippelli Conway
CEO: Alejandro Tinivelli
Creative Director: Fernando Arendar
Creative Team: Julieta Castex, Anabella Terranova, Macarena Hernandez
Account Director: Alejandra Pouchot
Account Manager: Luciano Cioffi
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Colombina
Location: Colombia
Packaging Contents: Food

La Constancia is one of the many brands that belongs to Colombina, an 80 year old food company leading the Colombian market. For a long time it has been considered a very respected and popular brand with a traditional and familiar style and good quality products.

In 2014 the brand decided to renew its image, starting to speak to those who dare to be different and are willing to try new flavors, by proposing them new ways to make their own recipes.

BridgerConway developed the new image for the entire product range, reaching all their categories: tomato sauces, mayonnaise, jams, preserves, desserts and assorted dressings.

The proposed design was adapted according to the different size and format needs of each of the 160 SKUs made.
“Our challenge was to analyze the brand's current stage and its market competition to propose an innovative, valid and relevant idea to the category. We wanted to break the structures of traditional design and to stand out on the shelves while remain being La Constancia.

To respect the brand’s history (which it was built positively for years) and to make a disruptive proposal, we had to make a detailed and careful work. The challenge also meant rearranging the architecture of its extensive portfolio, grouping categories in a clear way and, also, differentiating categories from each other without losing the overall perception of the line.”

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