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Boilo (Student Project)

Designer: Josh Schott
Project Type: Student Project
School: Tyler School of Art
Tutor: Dermot Mac Cormack
Location: Philadephia, Pennslyvania, United States
Packaging Contents: Moonshine and other ingredients
Packaging Materials: Glass, paper, cork

The history of Boilo is one that spans thousands of miles, generations of families and multiple centuries, but the true heart of the drink lies in North Eastern Pennsylvania settled in the coal region. Through a large influx of Eastern European immigrants Boilo was transformed from the Lithuanian honey liquor known as Krupnik or Krupnikas, into a mulled moonshine winter drink. The name Boilo comes from the process of making the mixed spirit, ingredients are gathered set in a pot and slowly brought to a boil in order for the flavors to blend. Grain alcohol or whiskey is then added.

Some traditions recommend that holiday music and decorating accompany the cooking process, to add to the festive effect of
the beverage. As with Krupnik, some believe it to have curative properties for the onset of fall/winter related ailments such as a cold or influenza.

Some of the most coveted Boilo recipes have been held secret through generations. Inspired by these family traditions each bottle of Boilo was made around different recipes. These recipes are represented with a family name and figurehead on the back of the label that reveals itself as the Boilo is enjoyed. The symbol for each family is also inspired by the spires of Lithuanian churches, as they were often the only place of the coal miners were able to socialize outside of work.

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