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YOY Organic Juice (Student Project)

Designers: Maria Duriana Rodríguez and Cristina Maldonado
Project Type: Student Project
School: Elisava
Course: Structural Packaging
Tutor: Alex Pirard and Llavador Pau
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Packaging Content: Organic juice

The main idea of this design is to transmit the high quality of a 100% organic juice directed to a target of health conscious people. Conceptually "the juice is so organic, the fruit is plucked from the tree to your mouth". The combination of naming, industrial design, and graphic design was the key to develop this packaging. The tree was the principal inspiration for the project giving birth to the name YÖY, which means tree in the indigenous lenguage Pemon. The design of the bottle consist in small edges or vertebrae that simulate the roots of a tree and combined with the label design it evokes nature with an attractive look.

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