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Innovative Tea Packaging (Concept)

Designer: Sofia Enriquez
Project Type: Concept
Location: Chihuahua, Mexico
Packaging Content: Tea bags
Packaging Material: Paper

This design has been inspired by those who give themselves the pleasure of having a cup of tea every morning, this design is for you.

It is an innovative concept of the way that tea can be packaged and displayed.

This is a simple box that can be easily packed for the product's distribution since it has a cube-like figure. But when it comes to be displayed, it has this small triangular face among its bottom faces that provides the box a new way of being demonstrated on a counter to the public.

It is wide enough to contain up to 60 bags of tea. Its simple floral pattern on the outside on the box not only attracts the attention of costumers in the store, but it also invites costumers to display it nicely in their kitchens' counters, instead of having them put it in the cupboard right away. You can see inside the box through a plastic that you can remove once you have acquired the product, and your hand can easily fit in the square openning to grab a tea bag.

Hope you enjoy this new way of packing an everyday-use product.

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