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Agency: SPR Design
Account Director: Juliano Hennemman
Customer Service Manager: Giorgia Antunes
Customer Service: Camila Renck Bizachi, Cristiane Gerhard and Talita Moraes
Design Direction: Gilnei Silva
Designer: Gilnei Silva and Ambar Coriza
Assistant Designer: Jonas Moraes
Artwork: Jonas Moraes
Client’s Approval: Marcelo Reichert

Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: DunDun
Location: Novo Hamburgo, Brazil

Pieces: 3 kg package / 15 kg package
Material: Plastic Bag
Packaging Contents: Polymeric Mortar

DunDun is a polymeric mortar brand. The product is true innovation because it brings advantages that the cement doesn’t. Although its benefits are proofed, the brand used to suffer from a low level of market recognition and most of its public’s distrust. Therefore, one of the communication efforts required a new package design, containing only main information.

When it comes to memories it’s essential for a brand to be recognized by its performance. That’s why the new package of DunDun transmits the function of the product “DunDun Mortar. For laying bricks and blocks”. Its main advantage “Super Mortar. It yields 20 times more” also received deserved attention.

Mentioning the product’s approval by agencies such as NBR/ABNT helped to eliminate buyers’ disbelief. Besides aggregating value to the product, now its functions and advantages can be understood, assuring users’ safety while allowing more experimentation possibilities.

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