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Juju Agropecuária

Agency: Salada Comunicação e Design
Creative Director: Pedro Pires
Art Diretor(s): Pedro Pires, Beatriz Cajaty
Photographer: Augustinho Segundo
Planner: Luisa Haddad
Project Type: Commercial Work
Client: Juju Agropecuária
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Juju Agropecuária is a farm located in the Conservatória, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which seeks to place on the market healthy products with high quality. Therefore, all products have a special care from planting to harvest.

The starting point for the creation of this brand was to understand the relationship between the farm and the owner family. We did extensive research to understand the whole process of the farm, Thereby define the pillars of the brand.

The mind map showed us that a simple packaging would be the most appropriate language for the brand, as the manual and craft work is done on the farm. Than we decided that this brand should be young, cheerful, familiar but also showing the three areas that the farm operates: the cattle, agriculture, and planting.

After working on a lot of sketchs, prototypes and colours, the final brand results in a combination of these three elements, creating a form that transmits these concept and a typography that becomes cozy and familiar.

What's unique: It's unique for the simplicity of the packages created for the company and to use materials, giving the retro atmosphere, that can be reused or even recycled.

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