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LAMENT Great War Box Set (Student Project)

Designers: Matteo Palù, Federica Nardi
Project Type: Student Project
Band: Einstürzende Neubauten
Location: Italy

The album LAMENT began as a sort of 'concept album' on the theme of the First World War and it's the result of painstaking sound research. Our project has a strong narrative component from the choice of concept, with which it is thought to represent the outside of the box set as a time capsule, a container specially prepared to store objects or information intended to be found at some future time. Inside, the CD, generically identified as the most important part of an album, was placed on the bottom of the container and then covered with some letters. Each letter has a description of the corresponding song on the front while on the back, is visually represented only through shapes/forms with the purpose of showing the possible interpretation of the story from the point of view of a illiterate soldier. In the letters are used different fonts to mimic the human writing and at the same time distinguish between them as if they were written by different issuers. Furthermore, the font, together with the various types of paper, are intended to diversify and make visible the connections between the stories. All design choices have the purpose of providing a set of information to understand in its totality and complexity the research work carried out by the band.

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