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Rancheiro Classic (Concept)

Designer: Rafael Serpa
Project Type: Concept
Location: Anápolis, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Material: Foil pouch

The Rancheiro Classic product it is a special coffee line and because it is a different product from the others needed to convey the packaging design that uniqueness that the product has. Watching the supermarket shelves we can see that the coffee packaging usually has a heavy design with too much information, it was then that we decided to work a clean design and excluding information and unnecessary packaging images, and the packaging stands out from other besides transmitting the concept of exclusive and differentiated product. The end result is very interesting and shows that the packaging does not need to contain unnecessary information to attract consumers.

What's Unique?
The clean design makes the product stand out from the others, since the vast majority of the segment's packaging has a heavy visual language.

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