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Unnurella – Wet-Free Umbrella

Designer: Kazuya Koike
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: World party Inc
Location: Osaka, Japan
Packaging Content: Umbrella
Packaging Material: PET resin

Concept is a "wet-free" umbrella.Raindrops drip from your umbrella more than you imagine. They make your surroundings- such as your commuting trains, shops you enjoy, and even your important business partner's office and your friend's house wet.

Looking back on these experiences made us think of how life would be so much easier and nicer if that umbrella stayed dry. This was how we came up with the idea of unnurella, an umbrella for people aware of their surroundings.

Working in collaboration with Komatsu Seiren, an acknowledged fabric company worldwide, we have managed to develop a remarkably high-dense fabric that achieved the highest attainable level in water repellency tests set by the Japanese Industrial Standards. The light and smooth fabric also shut out 99% of ultraviolet rays without any additional UV protection coating. And it's not only in the fabric where we have consolidated our ingenuity in this remarkable unnurella.

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