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Seven Little Wonders

Designer: Nicoleta Costin
Project Type: Self Promotion
Location: Hatfield, United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Puzzle
Packaging Materials" Paper, Card, Wood

The brief was to create a professional development journal that would include views and impressions on some design topics such as design talks, visits at a museum or gallery, top 10 design companies you would want to work for, hopes and ambitions for the future and so on. The journal is presented as a puzzle box as the theme is my passions for puzzles, further exploring the relation between the puzzle concept to graphic design as they both require problem solving skills, visual skills and creativity.

What's Unique?
The puzzles are based around the magic number 7. Using the structure of tangram puzzles, the journal explores the possibilities of the number seven through having 7 different stories, each of them contained in one puzzle and each puzzle having seven pieces to play with and reveal the story.

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