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Cacao Cultura

Design & Packaging System: Vladimir Shlygin
Web design: Dmitri Melov
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Kvorum Agency
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Organic Chocolate, Praline, Chocolate Decorations
Packaging Materials: Paper, Plastic, Aluminium

Cacao Cultura is initiated by the Kvorum Agency, one of Russia’s largest chocolate distributors. The goal of the project is to introduce the chocolate tradition to the wide audience. Cacao Cultura is web resource and ingredient shop, which offers a fine selection of organic chocolate from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Russia.

Identity solution uses four types of patterns which represent the origins of the chocolate. Each layout is constructed differently with the same modular grid which helps to build dynamic and rhythmical compositions. Different types of foils applied to the packaging to create an association with the confectionary wrappers.

In the shop customers can order different amount of any product, therefor the packaging system has a set of adaptable rules which makes it possible to print and stick the label that reflects the specifics of particular purchase. Various patterns also help to differentiate the chocolate type on the shelf.

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