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Le Miel

Designer: Patricia Tannouri
Project Type: Student Project
School: Notre Dame University, Lebanon.
Course: Branding
Tutor: Gwendoline Abou Jaoude
Location: Lebanon
Packaging Materials: Wood, Glass, Cardboard

We were asked to choose any Lebanese Product, study its position in the market and place it among worldwide competitors and make it stand out.

I was attracted by the Lebanese honey, since they are poorly introduced to the audience.“Le Miel” is the name I have chosen for my product to attract high class people since the french language is known to be the classiest.

The first product for the brand was the honey jar, simple, homey but yet classy to buy and own. It is clean with nothing on it but the logo, ingredients and information are found in the back if the tag.

The second product is the gift box containing the delicious honey comb straight from its home. I designed it in a way it still appears in the middle, with a pattern deisgn in the bottom and classy black gift design on top with the phrase “My Gift to you, Le Miel Honeycomb” .

The last product of the brand is “Le Miel Sachet”, smart and easy use for busy people and always on the run.Business people will not buy a whole jar of honey to put in their office, I designed the new Le Miel Sachet for them in order to make their days easier, they just have to open the sachet place it on a crunchy toast or in their hot tea and they are ready to have a nice quick breakfast and meal.

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