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Mue (Student Project)

Designers: Coline Kupiec, Angélique Lemaître, Camille Boulestin, Ronan Brishoual
Project Type: Student Project
School: École de Design Nantes Atlantique
Course: Packaging, Alcoholic Beverages
Tutor: Paul Vickers, Nathalie Templier
Location: Nantes, France
Packaging Material: Cardboard

One week packaging workshop with Paul Vickers.

The project was to designing a innovative packaging for wines of Val de Loire.

In groups of four, we chose a white wine, which is very special : «Savennière, éclat de schist». This wine is grown in a land with a lot of schale and it colours looks like gold.

We wanted to make a packaging for young adult who want to discover a good wine in a individual or collective way.

The name «Mue», in french means «shoulh» to reflect the mutation between rustic to sophistication.

The packaging in PVC refleat this transformation with the white strantum who reveal more and more the wine.

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