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Don’t You Weep! Tissues (Student Project)

Designer: Hugo Santos
Project Type: Student Project
Course: Communication Design MA
Tutor: Prof. Ana Raposo, Prof. Andrew Howard
Location: Porto, Portugal

This briefing, aimed to create a product to be exhibited and sold at the Pop-Up Shop, organized by ESAD's Communication Design MA, which took place in December at Maus Hábitos. After having some ideas and seeing all of them getting rejected, that created a lack of motivation and disorientation, that was when the project "Don't You Weep! Tissues" was born, from the irony to the situation itself. It was decided to create a tissue box, an object that is usually linked to sadness, that when closed doesn't look more than just an ordinary tissue box but inside, as a communication support, the tissues have motivational quotes printed in silkscreen with a fluorescent orange, a color that is recognized to symbolize and transmit energy and joy. Each box has 20 tissues (23x21cm), with a different motivational quote from various authors in each one. There were produced 15 boxes, costed 4€ each and were all sold! Special thanks to Marta Maria for all the help and support throughout the project!

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via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery http://ift.tt/19XUiIu

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