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Rhone (Concept)

Designer: Christian Pannicke
Project Type: Concept
Location: Berlin, Germany

The Rhône is a more than 800 km long river that flows in France. The river offers perfect conditions for growing wine, herbs, various fruits and olive trees. The ragged mountain landscape meets bright light coming from the south.

These facts form the basis for Rhone, a fictional manufacturer of the finest olive oil. Rhone combines classic elegance with modern clarity. The logo is a combination of word and figurative mark. A classic typographic approach was combined with a modern, reduced illustration. A clear distinction from competitors' products is generated by dispense with typical images of olives, olive trees or landscapes. Instead, the scenic contrast is used in dark mountains and glittering sunlight and translated into a monochrome design. The packaging is reduced to the essentials and attracts attention especially because of this contrast.

Rhone embodies enjoyment and delight, as well as an extraordinary quality of life. The hard contrast, as well as the landscape, is broken by a pleasant, bright and colorful imagery.

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