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Dr Hart

Agency: Ampro Design Consultants
Creative Partner: Irinel Ionescu
Client Service Director: Mihaela Dumitrescu
Senior Account Executive: Alexandru Pătru
Senior Designer: Lehel Mór Makó
Junior Designer: Viorica Pintilie, Raluca Popan
DTP & Prepress Specialist: Adrian Garganciuc
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Sensiblu, Ad Pharma
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Packaging Material: Cardboard

The brief:
Creating a new brand for a line of premium quality medicines: OTC +MA
Packaging : Premium, professional look => emphasizing trust &competence, yet accessible

Values: Responsibility, Seriousness, Competence, Compassion
Personality: Empathetic, Trustworthy, Strong, Efficient

Tone: Honest; Direct; Personal

Language: Assertive; Empathetic; Assume intelligence; Make it easy

The idea:
"Is there a doctor in the house?”
Create a person, "the Doctor in the house”: Dr. Hart. Friendly, yet competent, easy to recognize and reliable.
The white Doctor robe ensures a great shelf block and a very good visibility for the brand.
In contrast with the clean white robe, we’ve used the neck tie as a good element to differentiate the products in the range. The freedom is to use as many colors as many products, and… when the colors are not enough, we can play with different patterns on the tie.

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