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Ööloom Sleeping Masks

Designers: Johan Kallas, Karmen Heinmaa, Mihkel Virkus, Jan Plaan
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ööloom
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Packaging Materials: Recycled cardboard, recycled paper

The average person sleeps about 200,000 hours during his or her lifetime – over 22 years in total. This is too much for sleep to be taken lightly! Ööloom is a face blanket (or a sleeping mask if you will) that uses the ancient power of wild animals, because unlike humans, animals have never had any trouble sleeping.

Ööloom is mysterious but never frightening like a hedgehog in the fog. Ööloom is raw like a nap that’s been cut short by that pesky old foe – morning. Ööloom is a bit silly, like all dreams worth sharing. The only logical home for an Ööloom face blanket is a pillow box. The package is covered in a bold branded pattern, which allows us to change and expand the product family just by refreshing the sleeve.

This project won the Grand Prix in Estonia’s most prestigious design awards competition “The Golden Egg” (Kuldmuna), taking gold medals in package design, illustration and corporate branding category.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery http://ift.tt/1LrvEk5

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