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Okami Matcha

Agency: Designer and Gentleman
Designer: Nikola Vucicevic
CD: Nikola Vucicevic
Photography: Novi Dirizabl, Dragana Djorovic, Jovan Marjanov
Set Design: Mali Iv
Print: Grafomarket
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Okami Matcha
Location: Chicago, USA
Packaging Material: Paper

Matcha grow in Japan. The Brief was creating premium design for the premium green tea. Matcha is unique since it is considered the best green tea in the world. We wanted to communicate that "ONE GLASS OF MATCHA IS EQUIVALENT TO TEN GLASSES OF REGULAR GREEN TEA". Okami (Wolf on Japanese) is the brand name and a symbol. We combine the traditional Japanese aesthetic with modern graphic language. Nowadays Matcha culture has spread all over the world but the best quality comes from it's original region, and that is what makes this Okami Matcha unique: fact that comes from Japan.

Creating the modern graphical aesthetic and combine it with Japanese tradition.

What's Unique:
Combining Japanese tradition with modern graphic aesthetic

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