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Manada Luparia

Agency: TSMGO(The Show Must Go On)
Creative Director: Ricardo Moreno Rodríguez
Designed by: Marta Terrazas Llorente y José Luis Casao
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Viña Luparia
Location: Spain
Packaging Materials: Paper, stamping

A wolf’s strength is in the pack: Manada Luparia

La Manada Luparia, the concept on which the proposal rests is based on an animal that is part of the origins of humanity and closely linked to man’s development.

The way in which the history is taught to civilizations is through the representation of prehistoric scenes, or accounts by troubadours during the middle ages, so people with little education and without the existence of the written word could access knowledge, the vehicles used were legends, mythology, fables… we have attempted to make each wine reflect a visual poem that explains the history and the type of wine being consumed.
A fascinating social structure hides behind the Manada (pack). Like in a family, each wolf has its own personality that it develops with full freedom.

Joking: the jester, the joker, you only live once.

The wolf is coming! The wolf is coming! Peter’s joke cost his neighbours their flocks. The relaxed fruited touch of Airén can chase away all feelings of boredom.

The rebellion: rules are made to be broken.

The wild spirit of Amarok is present in this wine, full of surprising, unexpected nuances that reflect emotion, freedom and revolution.

Lovers: passion and pleasure.

The wolf, head over heels in love with the beautiful, warm aura of the moon, spends long nights howling with the hope of finding her again and reliving the sincere passion of lovers.

Innocence: nostalgia, childhood and pure innocence.

Little Red Riding Hood, trusted in people’s goodness, when passion guides us we are unaware of the dangers, this wine shows the truth of a variety that reflects what the earth gives us.

The complete collection is composed by 7 wines…

What's Unique?
• Create a brand concept and graphics with a stronger, more persistent image for the consumer, which the client can clearly identify. These are to be attractive and educational.
• To give the product portfolio personality, where the authenticity and genuineness of each variety has its own entity and each wine reflects the specific nuance we want to demonstrate.
• To be a reference point in the learning process and the initiation of the consumer in the world of wine. To be the first wine that they must consume to introduce themselves into that world, the necessary step, the stage they must face in their “wine adolescence”.
• Behind each wine we find an archetype (Jung’s archetype theory) that gives personality and can illustrate an idea with which the consumer can identify and form an emotional connection. Each of the wines is the sum of:
• Brand personality + essence of variety + storytelling.

A series of appealing labels have been created that clearly identify each wine of the brand and that evolve in complexity as the wine acquires more nuances.
The image tells a story that uncovers elements, all surrounding the wolf as the central axis of the range and main character of the Manada Luparia. A canvas upon which a story is told that allows us to discover nuances with an iconic, beautiful aspect.

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