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Optimum Nutrition Travel Pack (Concept)

Designer: Shubham Khatkar
Additional Credit: Ankur Sahay
Project Type: Concept
Location: London, UK
Packaging Materials: HDP, Aluminium

Optimum Nutrition Travel Pack is a concept for Ready-to-drink protein shakes for athletes and bodybuilders who travel frequently. The package contains 2 units, the primary unit is a ready-to-drink shake and the secondary unit consist of dry protein powder for additional usage. This packaging can serve the athlete from a short day trip to long weeks of touring, depending on his own needs. The stacking methods allow the person to personalize it according to space in his baggage. The packaging is influenced by the idea of staying on track with nutrition even while travelling.

What's Unique?
A new shape that makes stacking easy and hence makes it possible to carry protein shakes during travelling. The unique shape and stacking methods allow user to carry required number of protein shakes. The design makes it possible to do more than 2 types of stacking for eg. linear, horizontal, rotational. Hence it makes it compact and easy to carry in bags, suitcases, etc.

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